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My Samsung Laser Printer Is Printing Blank Pages
5 juin 2017
Avatar de adtozhou
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29 novembre 2016
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When your Samsung laser printer begins to print blank pages, it usually means that the printer's toner cartridge is running out of toner, the cartridge is defective and needs replacing or one or more components within your printer is faulty. Troubleshooting the printing problem is not difficult; you can usually resolve the problem yourself without consulting a repair service or center.

Document Issue

Your Samsung laser printer will print documents containing blank pages including entire documents containing blank pages, so it's possible the problem is not with your printer but with the document you are sending to the device. Check the document and delete any blank pages to resolve the printing problem before troubleshooting your printer's toner cartridge.

Sealing Tape Issue

If your samsung printer cartridge was recently replaced and is printing blank pages, remove the cartridge and check to see if you removed the sealing tape inserted into the cartridge. The sealing tape keeps toner from escaping the cartridge while within the cartridge's packaging. Open your Samsung printer's front cover, pull its toner cartridge out and pull the sealing tape out of the cartridge to resolve the printing issue. Reinstall the cartridge and resend the document you are trying to print to the printer.

Out of Toner Issue

Your Samsung laser printer's toner cartridge doesn't last forever and the cartridge may not always alert the printer that its toner level is low. This problem will result in blank documents no matter how many times you send a document from your computer to the printer. To squeeze the last bit of toner out of your printer's cartridge, open your Samsung printer's front cover, pull its toner cartridge out and shake the cartridge gently from side to side five to six times to distribute the toner inside of the cartridge. Hold the cartridge away from you to keep any loose toner from getting on your clothing. Do not touch the underside of the cartridge – this area makes contact with your printer and contains toner. Reinstall the toner cartridge once the toner is redistributed. You will be able to use your printer for a few more cycles, but will still have to replace the cartridge.

Defective Toner Cartridge

If the toner cartridge's sealing tape is not present and the cartridge is full of toner but still printing blank pages, the toner cartridge is defective and needs replacing. It could be that one or more components inside of the cartridge are failing or that the cartridge's electrical components are not communicating with your Samsung laser printer. Replace the cartridge immediately and try returning the defective cartridge for an exchange or refund.
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Faulty Printer Components

A faulty or defective printer controller or one or more defective circuit boards inside of your Samsung laser printer can cause the device to print blank pages. A faulty laser shutter, transfer roller or laser scanner cable might also cause your printer to print blank pages. Consult your Samsung laser printer's owner's manual or the Samsung website for a listing of authorized repair centers you can ship or take your printer to for repair. If the laser printer is still under warranty, the repair will be free but you may have to pay for shipping the printer to the repair center.

14 août 2017
Avatar de tonys9654
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20 juillet 2017
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