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James, continuation of his own records
18 avril 2017
Avatar de rose
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20 février 2017
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Cavs home and then win the Pacers, the audience scored 25 points and 10 rebounds and 7 assists and 4 steals 4 blocks, James continues to continue his record, his rebounds number has more than the "chief" Parish, the current rise to the history of the first 8 bits. And his stealing is beyond the "magician" Johnson, rose to the history of the first three. There is no doubt that in the five data, James is the performance of the very terror, simply from the totality of the terms, and even can be called the first person in history. Before the game, James in the playoffs the total number of rebounds has reached 1764, and Parrish's 1765 only one, a game grab a rebound, for James is simply simple and easy, minutes to record To break, and now his number of rebounds has reached 1774 It is worth mentioning that the current ranking of the first 7 is the ungold, the total number of rebounds for the 1777, and then take four rebounds, beyond the Angelside is just around the corner. Generally speaking, James in the playoffs and the regular season of James, is very different. And full of James' performance, that is, often on the defensive end will be very focused, in fact, after the opening of the first wave of defense, then he penetrated the bottom line storm succeeded, And continuous for Owen and Thompson sent assists. The first section of 6 minutes and 33 seconds left, Jameshuang once again sent a big hat, successfully blocked each other's center Turner. Is the so-called do not look at the Green on the pitch defensive impregnable, scared to Heaven. James who focus on the effect of the same group. In addition, James' total number of steals exceeded the magician, before the game, his steals for 357 times, the magician was 358 times, with the Pacers of this game, James sent 4 steals, so Their total number of steals reached 361 times, thus completing beyond, rose to the history of the third. It is worth mentioning that the ranking of the playoffs steals the top spot is Pippen, 395 times; Jordan was 376 times. James if you look hard, and even expected to impact the history of the first. The first game after the game, when a reporter asked "If Myers lore hit", James gave the domineering Red Wings Terry Sawchuk Authentic Jersey response, "No if the fact that he did not vote, we won." And the game, James apparently intend to kill everything possible, so half finished, James will have 17 points recorded, to help the Cavs to establish advantages, until three, Cavs team force, trying to pull the difference, James more Is a hurry, played a vanguard role. Reason, such a huge advantage, should be easily harvested, but the Cavs was unconscious at the distal meticulous, George strong to eat James after the success of the difference between the two sides actually only 5 points. It is difficult to play a big reversal? Fortunately, the key moment, James singles singles, 2 minutes before the end of the game 02 seconds, Jameshuang Qiang line rolling in, small throwing hit, finally help the team to stop bleeding. From the point of view of the results, this time hemostasis can be described Womens Jason Spezza NHL Jersey as crucial. Imagine if it is really the other side to continue to narrow the points difference, it is really embarrassing.

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