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Kiley McDaniel Prospects Chat 8211 9-22-
14 septembre 2017
Avatar de jackky
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2 août 2017
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12:06Kiley McDaniel: Lets po se s a baseball chat


12:13Comment From GPTOther than Christian Arroyo, who has impre sed you the most within the Giants system this season? From what youve seen personally and the reports you receive.


12:14Kiley McDaniel: There hasnt really been an enormous riser in their system this year, but I like the guys theyve added: Lucius Fox from July 2 and also the draft crop of Phil Bickford, Jalen Miller, Chris Shaw and Andrew Suarez. Those guys are all 45s and 50s FV-wise to a system that needed some of the people.


12:14Comment From RickCan Austin Riley stick at 3B?


12:15Kiley McDaniel: I didnt think so last summer but he dropped a few pounds and now it appears as though yes.


12:15Comment From You up?Will you ever are able to complete the tool Brandon Brooks Jersey grades for MLB players? Appeared like a cool idea


12:15Kiley McDaniel: For the big leaguers, thats something I really hope to po se s ready by Opening Day, but to sing PV/FV on all the big leaguers is one thing I could do much faster.


12:15Comment From JackThink Kike Hernandez will have much value continuing to move forward in a long time to come? Is he destined for a utility role?


12:17Kiley McDaniel: Confident I mentioned in an earlier chat that a team told me they targeted him last winter to be their starting SS this season, but LA traded for him before they might. So I think he may get that chance, but because of the budget in LA, hes much more of a multi-positional guy or starter in case of injury.


12:17Comment From MilesDo you recall a period that you visited visit a prospect with a certain level of excitement/trepidation and were completely amazed with how much better/worse a prospect looked? Performs this happen often?


12:22Kiley McDaniel: I saw Anderson Espinoza a couple weeks back rich in expectations and he beat them. Same with Ozhaino Albies captured. Its tough given the way i see players, because Ill see most guys of note as a July 2 guy or on the HS showcases so when I see them there, theres very little expectations.


So, since the amateur world pretty closely means you kinda gradually discover these guys, often with no hype or just being told look out for this guy without much else to go on. Popup latin guys at the lower levels of the minors seems to be the best and today Jluy 2 guys that will get secured before the showcases externally the DR (so that they dont visit the events) is yet another.

I discovered within my notes/video which i saw Albies in a July 2 showcase a few years ago in the DR when he was listed at 140 lbs. Obviously I didnt visit a ton of ceiling there at that time, particularly with 50 guys I knew nothing about running around at the same time, you kinda disregard the littlest dude.

12:22Comment From ZachBrewers last two drafts under Ray Montgomery? A lot of late round fliers for unsignable players and underwhelming starts for Kirby & Gatewood beginning to make the above drafts look thin?


12:24Kiley McDaniel: This season was his first draft, so Gatewood/Harrison/Medeiros arent him, which was Bruce Seid before he pa sed away. Kirby was known to be an injury flier but at that bonus/pick it made sense to gamble on the known performance. Ive liked Rays drafts returning to ARZ because he isnt scared to accept guy thats slipping for no no reason. Trent Clark would be a great illustration of this year, Braden Shipley a few years back.


12:27Kiley McDaniel: I was talking to a buddy having a team yesterday concerning the idea of drafting better than average over the long term so we didnt think there is a simple approach (tools, upside, HS, etc.) that will provide a competitive advantage if accomplished for 10, 15, 20 drafts in a row where all the noise is eliminated by sample size. Theres an electrical to the industry consensus as a proxy for talent level and using the guy (when there is one) that slipped a while without good reasonthat appears like it may be one of the strategies that should be inside your quiver to get an advantage.


12:27Comment From some guyHave Sean Newcombs mechanics improved at all to help reduce his BB%?


12:28Kiley McDaniel: Theyve always been fine, its more experience around the mound to build up more feel, improve sequencing and also the focus to repeat for a whole outing. It should include time to give him enough command to begin.


12:28Comment From Theo HoyerWhat are your thoughts now on Mark Appel?


12:31Kiley McDaniel: The pre-draft concern about stiffne s in his shoulders and general non-elite athleticism have gotten Dwayne Gratz Jersey just a little worse. I understand people mention mental makeup with him like a silver bullet to explain his struggles, but I think if he is able to look for a delivery that actually works for him, all of a sudden you dont hear that anymore.


12:33Kiley McDaniel: I spoke with that same friend I pointed out a couple of questions back about makeup, where confident, failure doesnt stick with him and arrogant, doesnt be responsible, thinks it's usually someone elses fault are simple to spot at that time, but with an 18 years old thats heavily incentivized to obscure any potential problems, its tougher to note. And lets the kid is much more A than B, does giving him 7 figures and good pre s help move him from A to B? Can we measure someones inclination towards change mentally before the money/praise is given to him? None of this specifically applies to Appel (more guys where makeup is mentioned as reason behind struggles), but the idea that makeup is one thing a scout can throw a grade on and never be worried about again is kinda silly.


12:35Comment From DanHas Greg Birds performance within the bigs so far impacted your a se sment of him? Personally, Im surprised at how hard he hits the ball.


12:36Kiley McDaniel: Showing this kind of game power this early may be the only real surprise. Kinda figured hed strike out a great bit and hit below .260 in his first approximately 200 ABs. Id say overall encouraging since game power was going to dictate if he reaches play the coming year or rides the bus between NYC and Scranton a bunch.


12:36Comment From Fitch McTeerJorge Lopez just got called up. You gave him a 55, why the big jump? Would you anticipate any other nice prospects getting called up the remaining way out?


12:37Kiley McDaniel: Stuff was up a tick (92-95 t97 this year) and the command would be a little better too. Was always a projection guy with three pitches and a few feel, so this is what people were hoping would happen.


12:37Comment From LoganETA in your 2016 draft update? Any opportunity for a sneak peak at your 5 best prospects/future grades on every? I want something to look toward after a dismal year from my Braves


12:38Kiley McDaniel: Its in proce s, so a week or two. Blake Rutherford, AJ Puk, Jason Groome will probably be the very best three, for the reason that order.


12:38Comment From Fitch McTeerRichie Shaffers bat seems to have taken one step up. What can you grade his bat & game power let's focus on FV? Can he make enough contact to be a starter?


12:40Kiley McDaniel: Heard some rumblings of this from TB people after instructs and stuck him around the others section (35 FV) because without that, I wouldnt have included his name anywhere out there. Turns out those indicators were telling and he determine his approach problems. Id get him to like a 40+ or 45 FV now. Still think there isnt enough contact to start, more of a large part platoon power guy. Perhaps a Marcus Thames type?


12:40Comment From JoannaHi Kiley, Im 17 years old and certainly want to be a baseball scout. How's hard for a lady to get into our planet? Maybe you have know a scout work with an MLB team who was a girl? Appreciate your chats, always inspiring.


12:43Kiley McDaniel: There arent a lot of women in scouting, but in some methods that could a sist you to because the game is getting more unbiased in a number of different ways, as the close-minded guys are aging out. Ill let you know things i tell everyone that wants to get involved with scouting: go to as many games as you po sibly can, write reports about these and dont bother scouts while theyre working, but try to start a conversation when they have their guard down.


12:43Comment From MikeIs Luis Guillorme a legit prospect or is his bat not adequate enough? I hadnt heard anything about him prior to the season.


12:44Kiley McDaniel: Seemed limited a little in senior high school, but saw him a few weeks back and hes improved. Theres enough power that the bat can enjoy and he was squaring up for me personally, has solid numbers. Always been a great defender, so now hes around the radar.


12:44Comment From TorreyWho may be the next Latin player to Mike Quick Jersey breakout for that Phillies the coming year?


12:45Kiley McDaniel: That GCL team was loaded. RHP Adonis Medina may be the dude to watch there, but Jonathan Arauz and Arquimedes Gamboa are generally SSs to look at, along with some others. Cornelius Randolph obviously another big one.


12:45Comment From GabesIf youre running the ChiSox would you try Frankie Montas out like a starter in AAA the coming year, or just plug him in because the 8th inning guy at the bigs?


12:46Kiley McDaniel: They are able to try to I wouldnt fault them, however i think hes a reliever after you have seen him start 3 times.


12:46Comment From Eminor3rdBro Benintendi is a ho s for real


12:47Comment From GabesWill Tim Anderson develop enough plate discipline to be an everyday guy? Is this depending on what his eventual position is?


12:48Kiley McDaniel: I dont think he must do much more, because of the speed/power/defense combo and low bar to pay off as a SS while at bat to be a starter. He or she is an all-star if he is doing those things and I like his odds better than most to get it done since hes still new to baseball and it has limited ABs, but guys generally dont change at this level, simply make little adjustments.


12:48Comment From GuestHow would you evaluate a person like Raul Mondesi who may never have repeated a level, but hasn't put up huge numbers and is still really young?


12:50Kiley McDaniel: Its really hard. He obviously looks good whenever you watch him, so it is not as if you can bury him on the list, but gue sing how hed perform if he was at Low-A like most of his prospect brethren is pretty tough as he hasnt performed well in a long time, but hes facing pitchers 4-5 years over the age of him.


12:50Comment From RickTo what extent do you think reader interest in your work originates from fantasy baseball? Does that bother you or is it irrelevant?


12:52Kiley McDaniel: A great bit, but you can usually tell by the question wording what the motivation is. Theres still plenty of fans that just want to know regarding their team. Rank list of 9 players for me is pretty obnoxious, however, you can find answers for your stuff on the site if you click around, so Im not hanging them out to dry.


12:52Comment From Blue CatDoes a guys age and promotion schedule allow it to be harder to obtain a good feel for a player for instance, Brady Lail was promoted to AA as was OK as a 21 yr old, then promoted to AAA and it was meh like a 22 year-old. How much do experience/age factors cloud the judgement of his performance?


12:55Kiley McDaniel: Another tough someone to interpret even after watching the player. The reduced K rate potential back-end guy thats young for that league and isnt really trying to strike guys out. From time to time, one can have a 6-8 K/9 rate completely in the chain and/or notably improve with MLB instruction, like say Chris Heston. It might be dumb to try and gue s which of them will do that, so you kinda have to be okay with being wrong sometimes and we do hope you can call out the guy as hes emerging within the big leagues for many partial credit.


12:55Comment From BronsonHow does scouting the AFL rival other profe sional leagues/venues?


12:56Kiley McDaniel: Way more prospect heavy, so someone much like me focusing more on the name guys will invariably have guys to watch in every game. Theres plenty of games a few hours from me that Ill skip because theres only 3 guys in the game that I need to see or which have a certain level of prospect status and I have to use time efficiently with so many players to pay for. Otherwise, its DeSean Jackson Jerseypretty much exactly the same, other than bigger stadiums and fewer fans. Oh, and autograph people everywhere for whatever reason.


12:57Comment From CDMWill David Berg be anything further than a middle reliever whose claim that they can fame is being the first player from the 2015 draft to debut in the big leagues?


12:57Kiley McDaniel: Probably not


12:57Comment From briantheyre not prospects anymore, but exactly how did Joc Pederson compare to Jay Bruce once they were coming up? Is the fact that a strong comparison continuing to move forward?


1:00Kiley McDaniel: Eh kinda but not really. Both were top 30 approximately prospects near the end of prospect status, but Pederson I think I had around 10-15, so he was probably seen as better as well as in part since he can play some CF and Bruce couldnt. I know someone will take this to mean that Pedersons 2nd through 8th years will be statistically just like Bruce, but thats not how comps work. Just saying theres some similarities in size/skillset at this juncture.


1:00Comment From SteveSam Travis or Travis Shaw?


1:00Kiley McDaniel: Sam Travis with a good margin


1:00Comment From BogeyHello. When will you start the Evaluating The Prospects series?


1:00Kiley McDaniel: Havent decided but ought to be within the next month approximately. Posting them, I mean. Im already arranging my notes and rankings updates and the like and also have been for more than per month.


1:02Comment From Jack Gla scocks CupDo Nellie Rodriguez or Bobby Bradley po se s a future at 1B in Cleveland? Bradley appears like hes more than athletic enough to play the field.


1:02Kiley McDaniel: Yeah hes the better prospect, more tools and upside. Could probably play some LF as needed and came up as a 3B, but 1B is where hell end up eventually.


1:02Comment From KingpinWhat are some of your favorite minor league diamonds to visit does the atmosphere/ambiance make because another to some scout as it can for any fan?


1:05Kiley McDaniel: I like Clearwater the best in the FSL. Charlotte is probably very best in the IL. Greenville and Charleston are my favs so far in SAL. Memphis and Nashville would be the only PCL parks Ive been to but both of them are quite strong. Bham and Montgomery within the SL are both nice and Im told Rancho is the greatest in the south end from the CAL, the just one Ive visited.


1:05Comment From DavePhillies fan thinking of the long run question: what pitcher can you take #1 if the 2016 MLB draft was today?


1:05Kiley McDaniel: LHP AJ Puk from Florida, but thats still muddled for the time being, plenty of guys in the mix.


1:06Comment From MikeKlay Thompsons bro has a fine cup of coffee. Is the quantity of game power a surprise (14 XBH in the 27 hits)? Has his hit tool gotten better? His K rate in AAA this year (19%) dropped significantly compared to 2104 in AA (25.4%),and the MLB rate is 22% now past 60 AB, the point where it stars to stabilize. Performs this bode well for him as being a .260 instead of a .230 hitter? What chance would you give him to be a perennial 2.5-3.5 WAR player?


1:08Kiley McDaniel: The tools are goofy: 55 speed, 55 arm, 60 raw, NFL TE looking dude having a smooth swing that can play a decent CF. The priority was always approach while at bat and how much of that power he is able to get to. I dont think we have a conclusive answer yet, but he have made enough adjustments to get a real shot within the bigs.


1:08Comment From EliThoughts on Caleb Cotham, Brandon Pinder, Nick Goody, James Pazos? Them project as legit high-leverage bullpen arms?


1:09Kiley McDaniel: If high leverage is 8th/9th inning i then dont think so, but NYY has a pretty high bar to pay off to pitch in those innings with Robertson, Miller and Betances recently.


1:09Comment From MSWConforto that swing, the opposite field power, just how can he not hit 25+ inside a full season?


1:10Kiley McDaniel: I projected 22-25 as his true talent level, and, in any given season, which means he could hit 30 just thru statistical variationso yeah, bro Im along with you.


1:10Comment From Extra CrispyWhat 2015 draftee has impre sed/surprised you the most to date? What draftee has disappointed to date?


1:11Kiley McDaniel: Mentioned Allard, Benintendi and KeBryan Hayes earlier and standouts in the early picks. You cant really disappoint me summer time after being drafted, theres a lot of potential (good) explanations for struggles.


1:11Comment From tonyis alex verdugo a top 100 prospect? whats his ceiling?


1:12Kiley McDaniel: Greater than a couple guys have mentioned Joc Pederson as the most similar recent prospect they could think of, however, lets not get caught up. Hes in that top 100-150 general area, yeah.


1:13Comment From ECAny thoughts on the Astros front office folks getting so many looks in other organizations for GM positions? Confirmation that they are onto something?


1:15Kiley McDaniel: The more progre sive front office people in the sport always though the HOU group was onto something, it had been more a matter of it working and them getting that employment boost that results give you and then the old school guys would realize they were witch-hunting in the wrong tree. Im surprised theyve succeeded a lot this year, so maybe they get a little extra dap for that, however it wasnt hard to see before this season that they turned it around.


1:15Comment From Phineas J. WhoopieIn a parallel universe, Trey Ball honored his commitment to the Univ. of Texas instead of signing directly from HS and he just finished his Allen Barbre Jersey sophomore year. Extrapolating from his Sally & Carolina League performances (which otherwise could have been his freshman & sophomore years in the Big 12), what would Balls draft stock for 2016 seem like? Is his stuff still as promising because it was in 2013?


1:18Kiley McDaniel: Ill take a stab only at that since Im doing draft stuff now. Id gue s picks 30-50. Especially if he was going for both at Texas, hed get the benefit of the doubt around the pitching side. Eric Lauer at Kent State is within that general area at this time and is a similar prospect.


1:18Comment From GuestKnow anything about David Stearns? Good hire?


1:20Kiley McDaniel: Good dude within our limited interactions and just what Ive heard. I actually had a friend in the game me sage me after my GM article to tell me I shouldve included him and that i said he was in the mix but I didnt because I was trying to list the people I figured would get a job this offseason and I thought he would be a couple of years away. Me saged that guy back yesterday to state whoops.


1:20Comment Written by michael BritoAny ideas on the large name Cuban prospects that can register the 2015 period? Im gue sing the Dodgers will sign EVERYONE


1:24Kiley McDaniel: Thats a safe a sumption, however they obviously wont sign all of them ultimately. Its still pretty hard to handicap, since theres older guys like RHP Yasiel Sierra (think Raisel Iglesias type) that will get an MLB deal w/some real cash along with whole big number of young guys, with some rumors that theres names that havent been written about yet and werent big names in Cuba that have emerged in the DR and could be huge guys.


Combining the uncertainty from the talent, insufficient games, one bidder with way more money than everyone else that isnt afraid for doing things and so the uncertainty about who is eligible and when.its ripe for confusion and drastically varying bids from teams on the same player.

1:24Kiley McDaniel: Thatll get it done with this week

18 septembre 2017
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