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pest control
13 avril 2017
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13 avril 2017
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Before starting the ways and methods of pest control because we are with the best pest control company Qassim prefers to know the reasons for those delicate creatures in the human environment will learn together ways to offer pest control some of those reasons are:-


The first reason to spread bugs in homes are neglect of cleanliness and lack of interest by the resulting unpleasant odors have caused the presence of insects, so you must attend the periodic cleaning and use air fresheners to weather or cleaners add a pleasant aroma.
Do not allow the Sun to penetrate into the House, and that in turn work to kill many microbes and clearing house and protect him and protect the furniture from being infected by bad insects.
Leave leftovers on the table and do not care to dump the trash resulting unpleasant odors attractive to insects.
Having a pet at home is a major cause of insect entry House and especially if the street animals loaded with bugs and bacteria harmful to humans.
As well as not to ensure ventilation of the House is well ventilated and furniture so as not to be virtuous living insects.
High temperatures and humidity in the coastal regions and bordering on bodies of water.
Now start with the male insect species and household methods of disposal:-
1_ ants:-
Occupies the first place ants in houses between insect and yzdadzhorh in great numbers in the summer months insects ants is famous in our nudity won't now we will learn together how best to dispose of it with the best water leaks detection company Qassim company home sweet home


Ant: prevention methods.
* Use vinegar m water to clean kitchen surfaces: with its equation with the same quantity of water.
* Do not leave food uncovered: so it is not due to attract ants to dump him.
* Do not leave the dishes and Dinnerware dirty for a while in the kitchen
* Pour some bleach to get rid of odors in sewer
* Take care to clean always eating place and clear the table and sweeping floors in the dining room.
* Make sure seal litter box smell not force leftovers
* Use garbage bags do not allow leaking garbage
* Get rid of rubbish and leftovers.
* Fill all slots and holes in the wall and flooring it port Ant home.
* And save a few temperature of sugar are hard to access his ants


Either Ant treatments are many:-
Use vinegar or kerosene (Jazz) on water or mitigate survey for water and steam in places and Ant presence slots used daily until total elimination of ants
Utilize fragranced essential oils have the ability to fire ants and take advantage of the pungent smell of cinnamon, and it clears the holes and places the ants cinnamon lotion composed of outstanding text p cinnamon Fondue Party. in a cup of water and another way to yank a mix of cinnamon, walkornkl on the ground around where the ants
And as well as Mint: its ability to paralyze their sense of smell to the ants, he can't find his way ways to use Mint either using peppermint oil Centre and diluted with water and spray on some ants or places of dried mint leaf at doors and entrances to the ants.
And lemon: safe health effects used lemon peel published in holes or ways to erase the edges of Windows and strabismus blanks piece dipped in lemon juice used these roads every two to three days.
Chilli its fleeting leaf powder on Ant chemical signals and that helps him flea movement to his food or hiding places and used her bruised prose bemfdh or mixed with turmeric on nearby places of ants.
Finally a paste borax but differs from previous methods because it attracts ants, eliminate the toxicity using through a combination of borax paste with the food waste in places where ants and other way make a paste resulting from mixing equal amounts of borax and corn flour and a few drops of ALA and put the dough in the Ant holes and places of occurrence
Be cautious about children and pets & home dwellers of toxicity
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