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This night "big beard" is undoubtedly the real MVP
18 avril 2017
Avatar de rose
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20 février 2017
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NBA playoff first round to continue, the Rockets sits home and thunder start the first contest, the final Rockets victory over rivals, Harden played the perfect Kids Alex Tanguay Premier Jersey performance of the campaign, get 37 points 7 rebounds and 9 assists, force Westbrook. But this season, Westbrook played more Guards data, in the current MVP selection, Westbrook has gradually opened and the distance of Harden, Harden MVP and hanging. In this game, the Thunder's strategy is very obvious, they did not open on the Harden after the double-team extension, but to take a lot of change, with tall players in front of Harden, the other players are still in place, Is to limit the Harden's pass, cut off and his teammates contact, so that Harden himself to storm, on the one hand consumption of Harden's physical, on the other hand, you can let the Rockets is not good at playing the way, if you want to use a word Summary, no doubt is:"Harden with their own power to beat us, recognized, but can not let the whole Rockets crazy. In the start, Harden wind is not smooth, first 4 vote 0, then turned into 7 vote 1, which also includes continuous casting three non-stick, until the first section of the post, Harden began to change the play, continuous use speed ​​and footsteps into the basket to take points, find the offensive rhythm. Sub-section back, the Thunder is still the beginning of the anti-change, with Kande single anti-Harden, but the latter to accelerate into a restricted area easily succeeded to see Harden had a pile of people, thunder change strategy, then they began to use Robertson and But also has to find the feeling of Harden breakthrough exceptionally decisive, he can withstand the defender will be hard to send the ball, Harden half 20 shots 9 to get 18 points, half 20 times Shot tied the Harden playoff halftime record, at the same time, Harden 20 times shot 17 times is a breakthrough, hit nine balls, there are eight breakthrough goals. More terrible place is, to the second half, Harden back to the arbitrary mode, to help the Rockets will score apart, he can use their own containment Red Jason Pominville Reebok Jersey to his teammates to do wedding dress, Harden came the field of 10 balls The ball into the ball, there are nine into the assists, Harden first half of the 6 vote in the three-pointers also began to "flowering", when he was in the middle of the middle of the third, the excitement of the beard also made To celebrate the action. However, in an interview, Harden said frankly: "I do not want to talk about MVP topic, I only focus on the playoffs, get victory tonight, this is the most important thing. Obviously, Harden understand that MVP competition is their own can not control, but the game can go to control, and he also fulfilled Dominic Moore Black Bruins Jersey with the actual performance of the commitment. Perhaps, Harden in the final MVP dispute will lose Westbrook, but this night, and Weissbrook's duel, the beard is undoubtedly the real MVP.

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