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Thunder hard to copy the attack in last year Russell Westbrook Jersey
20 avril 2017
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20 février 2017
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In the first round of the playoffs this year, the Thunder lost 31 points in the opener, but this year they are difficult to complete the anti-attack, and they are the first point of the fire point of fear has been abandoned. During the regular season of the season, Kant is the Thunder's third scorer, the first firepower of the Thunder bench. But in the series and the Rockets, his scenes may become less day by day, and the Thunder is also difficult to copy the anti-attack last year. If last year that series and this series this year, what is the difference, the most obvious is that today's Thunder is no Durant. But this year the series, feeling like a different series. The first battle in such a shot, Harden use break through the assists Capella completed empty, so that the defense of the formation Adidas DeMar DeRozan Youth Jersey of Canter, Thunder coach Donovan bent over assistant coach Mo Cheeks said: "can not let Kant was on the pitch. In the last season and the Spurs series, Canter is the main reason they completed the reversal, he and Adams inside combination, the Spurs is a nightmare. But the Rockets and Spurs are completely different, the Rockets' offensive means only two: inside attack, cast three points. "We will play every game in the same way, and if the opponent limits our three pointers, then we'll score in the paint," Anderson said. "If they strengthen the defense, we're going to shoot on the outside. This is the Rockets' offensive strategy, they will disperse the opponent's defensive attention, Harden use the pick and roll to the basket break, he can choose their own offensive basket, you can also choose to pass out, forcing opponents to make a decision. Rockets this season, three-pointers shot more than 40 times in the series opener, they only cast 33 three-pointers, hit 10. In other words, the Thunder in the anti-Rockets three-point shot is still good, but the Rockets in the inside had 62 points, and in the second attack score to 31-4 finished Thunder. In fact, the Thunder anti-demolition ability is not very bad, during the regular season during the season, their ability to block the ability to block the eighth. But the problem is that Harden always for his teammates to create a lot of offensive space, which is last year's Spurs do not have. In the series opener, the Rockets use Harden's 10 passes to hit the 9 ball, and when Kante in the field when the Rockets's offensive space will be greater.

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