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We finally saw the best of the Green!
21 avril 2017
Avatar de rose
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20 février 2017
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Warriors and the Blazers playoff first round of the second war ended today, the home Warriors in the case Premier Adam Oates Black Women Jersey of Durant missed the case, the Blazers, in the total score to 2 to 0 lead. Raymond Green is not the highest scoring player on the field, but his role in the Warriors is huge. In the playoffs last season, Green's legs kicked his crotch so that he was criticized, even in the finals to pay the price of the suspension. Warriors eventually lost the championship, and Green's suspension is not unrelated. Last season, the finals lost to the Cavaliers, Green has the pot back a year, this time he reaffirmed his time. In the playoffs, we finally see the best of the Green. Green scored 6 points and 12 rebounds and 10 assists per game today, steals 3 blocks, which is the last 30 years, the only time the playoffs have players scored less than 10 points, rebounds and assists are on the double, and at least one steal and 3 Sub-cap of the situation. The most recent one in the first round of the playoffs last season, the pioneer of the Plumley in the game to get 2 points and 14 rebounds and 10 assists and 3 blocks, the game Blazers also beat the Clippers, won the game victory The And compared to Plumley, Green is clearly better. Especially in the defense, the Pulumley is considered one of the big inside the big colander, and Green is one of the strongest defensive player, the two can not be between the same day. In the first game of the two sides to get 19 points and 12 rebounds and 9 assists and 3 steals after the five blocks, the Warriors coach Cole said: "You have seen other people play Green this performance?" Today's game, I believe The same thing about the beauty of Green's. But all this, Greene does not care, he really wants to win in the finals. Green's passion is never the question he needs to pay attention to, he really need to care about is how to calm down. And today in the field, Green no doubt to do this. We are still able to see a passionate, everywhere Funny Green. Even on the bench, Green is also very safe and stable sitting on the stool, but constantly stand up to encourage teammates, to the opponent spray trash, or to make some funny action. Even the assistant coach can not stand to think of Green pushed to the stool, but the excitement of the effort on the Green, and how can the coach to promote. But this does not mean that Green is not mature, on the contrary, today's game in the scene, let us see a mature Green. In the third quarter of the game remaining 9 minutes 06 seconds, Green break layup, but was guarding the inside of the pioneer striker Leonard an arm hit his face. Green lying on the ground for a long time, but did not complain too much and the referee, but no radical action. The final referee whistled Leonard ordinary shooting foul, Green did not say any doubt.

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