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We have to control these two guys
21 avril 2017
Avatar de rose
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20 février 2017
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Wizards beat the eagle at home, in the series score on the 2-0 lead! John Wall took 32 points and 9 assists, Bradley Beal got 31 points, which is their season The highest single-game total score in the game, they also became the 1986's Jeff Malone and Cliff Robinson, the first pair in the playoffs are scoring 30 + and lead the team to win the Wizards two group. 63 points! It was the highest single-game total score for Wall and Beal in the playoffs, and they became the first in the playoffs after winning the Jacks Malone and Cliff Robinson in 1986, Leading the team to win the Wizards duo. In the series opener, Wall scored 32 points and 14 assists, including the third quarter to get 15 points, led the Wizards to 114-107 victory. So when looking at the game today, Millsap said they had to grab the Wall: "We have to control these two guys (Wall and Beal), grabbed the snakehead, and I think that will give us a very good The chance to win. Only, whether it is Wall or Beal, they are not easily opponents can limit. In the Eagles played 6-2 after the start, Beal attacked the ground succeeded, then Wall and even two goals to get 5 points in the first section left 5 minutes and 24 seconds, Beal again hit the jumper, the Wizards back a wave 14- 0 offensive, anti-score will be opened to 16-6, Beal and Wall to do this 14 points. The first section of the Wall took 12 points, Beal took 7 points. In the third quarter to 9 minutes and 11 seconds, Wall steals Howard's pass to fight Red Marcus Kruger Youth Jersey back, although Schroeder has been in a close guard, but Wall is still dunk, and still in the air to change hands with his left hand dunk! This dunk so that Wall is very excited, after the completion of dunk, he stared at death with Schroeder, and his mouth is still sprayed with garbage, it is very domineering. And Schroeder did not just look at Wall, seems to have complained about Howard's move. Yes, during some time in the game, the eagle can limit Wall and Beal, and they will score a break in the third quarter. However, Wall and Beal will not have been opponents limit, Beal in the fourth quarter to get 16 points, the second half to get 20 points, he and Wal-Mart arranged the Wizards the last 12 points of the game, arranged the Wizards game The last 23 points in 22 points. 38 seconds left in the game, Wall assists Beal hit the third, led the Wizards will score to 106-98, for the final victory laid a solid foundation.

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