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Westbrook is the only superstar in the union with brushing data?
20 avril 2017
Avatar de rose
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20 février 2017
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"NBC Sports" pointed out that Westbrook did not brush the data of the suspect, there are also teammates to rebounds to his phenomenon. But in fact, Westbrook is not the league's only brush superstar data, Harden sometimes also deliberately pursuing data. And even if Westbrook little brush rebounds, but one thing is undeniable, Westbrook rebounding ability among the defender is outstanding. On the sidelines, the Rockets general manager Morey did not idle, he suggested that the individual Twitter push less data, told his teammates to give him a rebounding grabbed The cause of this matter is a selection of the media award "Matt Bullard Award", selected this season, more than 2 meters 08 but the lowest rebounding player (at least 500 minutes). This award is named after Matt Bullard, and there is a reason. Blatter height 2 meters 08, he played in the Rockets 9 seasons, the results played 15 minutes per game, can only grab 2.1 rebounds. Bullard is currently in the local television as a Rockets game commentary. For this award was named "Matt Bullard Award", the Rockets general manager Morey also out of kindness, comfort the former Rockets players. "Bullard, it's not your fault, but your teammate Olajuwang snatched all the rebounds," Morey said. See Morey so to say, Bullard also took the opportunity to clarify their rebounding ability is not nothing, but the rebounds are given to the Olajuwon. "Yes, Olajuwon made it clear to me that I should let go and give him all the opportunity for rebounds." Bullard said half-jokingly, "and I did it that time." After that, to focus Jerry Stackhouse NBA Jersey on the place there. Morey seems to be interested in discussing rebounds with Bullard, and he continues to reply to Bullard's Tweets. "What you said about the practice of Olajuwon, and it sounds like some other superstar," wrote Morey. Although Morey did not name, but "NBC Sports" reporter Dan Feldman that, Morey is clearly said Westbrook. This season, Westbrook as a point guard, averaging only H-31.6 points 10.7 rebounds and 10.4 assists, as the "big O" after the history of the first two single-game play three pairs of players. At the same time, Westbrook single quarter 42 times three pairs, but also broke the big O to maintain the historical record. It is these staggering three pairs of records, so Westbrook in the team record is not dominant circumstances, still in the MVP selection in the lead Harden, and is likely to beat Harden, gains this award. Morey implied Westbrook brush rebounds, but also in the side for the Harden competition MVP rally.

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