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2016 is also the most popular "most difficult to wear" clothing blacklist
20 avril 2017
Avatar de borum
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10 mars 2017
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Thick thick shoes +

If last year Stella McCartney brought the brilliance can be accepted, then this year's thick shoes may not be so many people can eat less. This season's thick shoes and the "future sense" of such words on the equal sign, practical degree of decline. Thick shoes are packed into "small girls put on the gas field after two meters eight", "can and all types of clothing easy to control" image, but the fact that often face, ultra-thick shoes at the end of the high sister friendly.

Invincible flannel pants

Exaggeration is like a 2016 keyword, any one and its detached children are a single product of a fire, which has this invincible hem pants, down from the knee like a flower exploded. Wearing a nice call is called a high profile has been forced to wear, like a beautiful street. This pants look like a step by step, in fact it can highlight your shortcomings. For example, significant hip width, significant legs thick, in short, is not a small thin legs to wear will not be good.

Oversize sweater

Oversize Sweatshirt is another example of a "tailored" approach, but this is not the real reason for making it on the list. Vetements brought by the trend of ultra-large sweater swept the world, Bags Of Michael Kors  whether it is a big one from the 5000 or 50 sweater, it seems almost the same. Perhaps your neighbors downstairs, perhaps your company colleagues, they will have such a burst of money. Off-White is Kayne West Queen designer Virgil Abloh founded by the brand, once launched quickly became popular.

Red to greasy velvet single product

Velvet texture of retro, so that people who wear fashion and unique. In the Valentino, Dries Van Noten, 3.1 Phillip Lim and other big T stage shine Velvet become the influx of people this season, the strength of the first choice of brush, coat, skirt, pants, bags, shoes, you can think of the style has a corresponding Velvet single product So the elements of the explosion really suitable for everyone? No! And velvet material is particularly significant body, there are little belly what is particularly evident. In short, meat and more meat are not good.

Socks boots

Socks boots, refers to the boots tightly wrapped around the ankle boots style. In theory, it will make the leg lines more complete and coherent, more likely to show legs long. But the length of socks boots are generally very embarrassing, almost in the calf muscles began to end, very significant, it is too difficult to wear.

Snake leather bags and foot pants 

Fashion brand is always familiar with the elements of the people have fascinated and obsessed with. This is not the 80's 90's snake leather bags and step on pants can be lucky again. So what can not be fashionable? Balenciaga's large is to put them all together in the together. You can not copy the original ah, wearing a retro section is not so to the.

Pajamas Style

The prevalence of pajamas wind, for those who rack their brains every day thinking about what to go out for people who can be described as a big liberation. But not every pajamas can wear out the door. Xiao Bian had seen someone wearing a full pleated pajamas shirt, please iron about ah. There are some home rich flavor of the pattern, just fans the same.


Choker has been the darling of the fashion industry several times, and 2016 this particularly ferocious. See the music festival when feeling three or five people inside there is a wearing Chocker, but wearing a nice few. Want to use Chocker to achieve the effect of long neck To first meet these conditions: Michael Kors MK Purse  First of all, your neck to be slender and not thick, and you can not be a round face, the best clavicle to look good, and then can not wear too high. Do not have too many bars.

Yokosuka coat

From the beginning to the end of the year, Yokosuka coat is not the slightest meaning of cooling. Compared with those long coat, it is really cleaner and more comfortable. But Yokosuka coat the biggest problem is no matter how easy to look are cheap, there are reasons for the material, the other as part of the embroidery part of the extra points in fact demanding.

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