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Eye shadow will only use the earth color?
14 septembre 2017
Avatar de fyyrmjs817
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24 août 2017
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Eye shadow will only use the earth color? You out! Dear beauty dolls ~ ~ Autumn is approaching you do not feel that the change of cosmetics it? Put aside the cool colors of summer, dull autumn and winter season to the point of red elements. Today, the sheep bleating to give you Amway a warm autumn color – wine red. Is the temperament was color, replace your summer color earth color cheap nike air max, with me intoxicated it ~ ~ in the end what is wine red? Come to the red table! Test you are not weak wine red is a little purple deep red, English name wine red also refers to the wine is generally elegant colors cheap nike running shoes. And the makeup often mentioned in the Buchi place color is similar to the wonderful wine red wine is very elegant look very warm, mature retro charm. Used in the dreary autumn and winter season, just no matter how good, but not too exaggerated and warm white wine is also a white hair color is a large artifact used in the makeup inside nike trainer shoes, especially wine red eye makeup, even more charming. Add a lost sexy taste, suitable for dating Oh ha ha said wine red eye makeup and how to forget Bo Yin it's classic wine red eye makeup and even cause a big wave of bloggers do not like easy to ' The Red eye shadow is the biggest problem is not easy to draw prominent eyes swollen. So the general will choose brown and other heavier colors and wine with red together, so you can suppress the wine red swollen nike running shoes, and if the eyelids themselves swollen beauty doll may wish to try matte nike air max shoes, do not buy pearl, pearl Make eyelids more swollen

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