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NFL legendary quarterback signed the Mavericks warm-up before the hot state
20 avril 2017
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10 mars 2017
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US time on April 11, 2017, before the start of the Mavericks and the Nuggets game, the Mavericks were a player off the bench! The audience have to stand up, while holding a cell phone Kuangzhao, while refueling for the bench. There is such a sentence: in the United States, know that Tony – Romo than those who know LeBron – James even more.

The bench is NFL American Football League NFL Football Jerseys Dallas Cowboys legendary quarterback Tony Romo. As the "city pride" and Norwich base, Romo has just decided to withdraw from the NFL, join the CBS television as a commentary.

However, Dallas fans how to bear to see their own legendary players so leave the city. To this end, the Mavericks specifically signed the bench one day, in a special way to commemorate Romo for the city's contribution.

In the process of warm-up, Romo to show their own good basketball skills, but also with Dirk Nowitzki, Harris and other Mavericks players to win the scene of the fans bursts of screaming. When Romo dropped into a ball, the scene fans will cry for him, so that he can experience when the NBA star feel.

Before the start of the game, Dirk Nowitzki deliberately picked up the microphone, at the scene on behalf of the Mavericks to Rome to express a high respect. In addition, the Mavericks boss Cuban and Romo hug greetings.


The latest report on free running back Adrian Peterson that the draft before the start of the General Assembly, Peterson is likely not to harvest a contract.

Peterson is currently looking for the next opportunity and is willing to accept a quote of 5 million or less if all the conditions are met. After Peterson said that only accept the annual quota of at least 800 million dollars, Cheap Jerseys Wholesale it is clear that this is a compromise and change. But the so-called conditions meet, I believe at least refers to those who have a competitive team, after he said he would find the team is to have a stable quarterback.

Recently, Peterson visited the team is the New Orleans saints, but no related transactions, Tampa Bay pirates quarterback Jameis Winston has expressed his interest in cooperation with Peterson, Originally a free agent, Pete said he was interested in Auckland Raiders or Seattle Seahawks.

Everything back to reality, no team is willing to sign a 32-year-old running back, especially before the draft day, so this is why Peterson lowered the reason for their offer.

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