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17 avril 2017
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10 mars 2017
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Less than a month from the 2017 season schedule, the Detroit Lions have recently asked for a loss of their team's away game in September.

Lions in the past two seasons in the first four games of the three games are away games, so their 2015 season season is 0 wins and 5 losses, and last season is 1 wins and 3 losses, the second half of the season they state Has rebounded, 2015 season completed 7 wins and 9 losses, and last season to complete 9 wins and 7 losses eventually into the playoffs.

Next season, the lion hope that they have a better start, that is, more home games. According to the reporter revealed that the Union a total of five teams in the first four games in three games is away game, and such as lions for two consecutive years so much away game is the only one.

NFL schedule will hear a lot of recommendations after the final design, I believe this proposal should be put into the computer to calculate.

Recently we learned that CBS and FOX radio are eager to hire Dallas cowboy quarterback Tony Romo.

From the news of Twitter, CBS hopes that Romo can replace Phil Simms position.

Previously, Sims and Jim Nantz co-chaired CBS's ranking program, and if Romo chose to retire, he would be one of them.

According to a recent report on Romo, we can know that Romo is disappointed with the current performance of Dallas, decommissioning may be the best choice. If not, then it seems that the Houston Texans will be his good choice if he insists on staying in Texas.

Let's look forward to the decision of the next romo.

After a few weeks, Tony Romo remained in the cowboy, and it seemed that the state would not change for a short time.

Cowboy coach Jason Garrett said: "There is no big change after the season." Although Romo is still low-key life, but has been reported that he chose the cowboy to  Dak Prescott Starting dissatisfaction, there is news that Romo will choose no longer play, looking for a TV industry-related work. Jerry – Jones said that Roma has a lot of choices, you can decide their own destiny. He said he had recently talked with Romo and went well. Rocky and the relationship between the very good Jones, he most want to see, probably Romo as a cowboy player retired it.

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