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18 avril 2017
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Dallas Cowboys' near-edge Jason Witten is the league's few players who have served in the same team for a long time, and now his time will continue to lengthen.

According to ESPN reporters, the cowboy and he reached a four-year renewal contract, he will stay in the cowboy at least 2021 years.

Witten's contract was left for one year, but his salary was close to $ 12.2 million, the new contract to ensure that his next year wages down, but also give the team more salary space.

The 34-year-old Witten has been one of the league's top players since entering the league in 2003, with only one game in the absence of a career or a rookie season, with an average of at least 64 goals each season since 2004, Witten or 10 times the professional bowl player.

Veteran defender Chris Long recently reached a one-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles after winning the Super Bowl with the New England Patriots.

Long released the first time Twitter wrote: "I am ready to work !!!" It is reported that the contract with his last year and the Patriot signed a $ 2.4 million contract similar.

The 32-year-old is the 2008 No. 2 picking player, the first eight seasons of his career in Los Angeles ( rams spent in 2011 to complete the 13 sack is the pinnacle of his career, the same year after the termination Signed with the Patriots.

A few weeks ago, he told the Patriots fans that he would not return to the Patriots and tried to look for a past role that he had played in the team.

In other words, the eagle at least give him more game time, which is his role.

On Monday, the pony owner Jim Irsay said the team would let quarterback Andrew Luck slowly recover. Lark is expected to start practicing again in the spring pass, but the team certainly not too anxious to succeed.

Illes said the season before the start of the Lak to go through a whole recovery process.

"We will not let him speed up," Iles said to the team's official website, "we must first determine the shoulder injury is well recovered, but also need to improve the physician to prove, and then let him begin formal training.As long as the full recovery, Give us an unparalleled season, and Chris Ballard and Chuck Pagano will also consider whether we need alternate options and we will be ready for the new season. "

In 2016, Lark played 15 games, passing 4240 yards, made 31 touchdowns, 13 steals, while achieving a career-high 63.5% pass rate and 7.8 pass to try all yards.

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